[Test build] Version 0.4.8 RC2

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Jan 14, 2018
Hello everyone, and welcome to round 2 of the 0.4.8 release candidates!

This build fixes some crashes that occurred in RC1 and adds some new features

Changes since RC1:
  • Revived the top speed indicator
  • Revived the max g-forces visualization
  • Added a rotators debug view mode
  • Revamped the static camera
  • Optimized search for duplicate cache entries
  • Added submesh debug view mode

See the quote below for the install instructions and more changes since 0.4.7
Note to itch.io app users: the game will be automatically updated to RC2, no need to (re)install RoR

Hello everyone

Finally, more than 2 years after 0.4.7 was released, version 0.4.8 is almost ready!
But first, we release this RC to see if everything is working as expected

Some highlights in 0.4.8:
  • Improved the overview map
  • Fixed rear axle steering
  • Removed RoRConfig: All settings can now be changed inside RoR
  • Submesh friction fix: Vehicles should no longer slide of trailers (See images below)
  • Character vs. submesh collisions: RoRBot now can walk over trailers and cars
  • Upgraded to OGRE 1.11: This should improve performance by ~10-25%
  • Revival of the classic overview map: The overview map now has its icons back
  • Teleport on map: Click anywhere on the overview map to teleport to that location
  • Transfer cases: Now you can add a transfer case on a vehicle (See https://rigsofrods.cf/vehicle-creation/fileformat-truck/#transfercase)
  • Inter-axle differentials: Now you can define inter axle differentials on a vehicle, allowing more accurate distribution of torque among the axles (See https://rigsofrods.cf/vehicle-creation/fileformat-truck/#interaxles)
  • A couple of thousand bug fixes - see full changelog

Submesh friction in 0.4.7:

Submesh friction with this test build:

Download with the itch.io desktop app (Recommended)

With the desktop app, the latest build will be automatically downloaded and installed
Also, only the changed files will be downloaded instead of the complete game.

  1. Download and install the itch.io desktop app: itch - Download and play indie games - itch.io
  2. Login into the itch.io app.
  3. Restart your PC after you have successfully logged in
  4. Click this link to install RoR
  5. When you launch the game for the first time, it will first install some dependencies

You can still download it without the app here: https://rigs-of-rods.itch.io/rigs-of-rods

Please test and report any issues you observe. If no serious flaws are found in the coming weeks, we will publish an official release.
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It seems that everything works as it should. But I found little detail that could be improved for better realism. When you stop the vehicle in the hill, turn off engine and shift for example first gear without handbrake on, vehicle should not be moving, like in real life (I tried this with my own car, and generally first gear is able to hold normal car in smaller hill without handbrake on). However in current RoR something was changed, so vehicles doesn´t stay in the hill with engaged gear (no matter if reverse gear, first gear of fifth gear). Previous version was able to simulate this, not perfectly, but it worked.

And another detail, if you look at the black table, under vehicle name, there could be more space. It looks tight there. (third picture)


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Does it work on 32 bit? RoR worked just fine for me, while launching the test version gives me a compatibility error.
I've managed to get it working on 64 bit Arch Linux, as I previously said 32 bit Windows 10 gave me a compatibility error.
Caleum sky doesn't work for me and all ground textures, as well as some tires are white. Most of the mirrors do not work and some models do not load at all.
I've tried regenerating the cache multiple times as well as loading just one pack.
I've tried it and I get those texture problems on every map.
Will the stable release be available on 32 bit as well?
Windows 10 64 bit won't run for some reason, only Linux distros work on 64 bit for me.
I have RC2 and have tried installing the "devel"version but i still have RC1 issues such as I can't spawn certain vehicles, and if I try to connect a load to some vehicles the game just crashes
move/rename your rigsofrods profile. Do a clean install, or just download the latest dev zip, extract and run ror .Then re add your packs and re try
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