What games do you have installed

War Thunder, Triple A, BeamNG, Minecraft, Minetest, Smash Flash, Battle for Wesnoth and Rigs of Rods. Also have World Machine if you consider that a game.
Roblox, Hill climb racing, Cities: skylines, sim city 4, hitman contract, cities in motion 2,ATS, APB Reloaded, Call to arms, total tank simulator, pubg mobile, unknown horizon, rigs of rods
Rigs of Rods only but i not found better game than RoR :)
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Fortnite, Minecraft, Roblox, Rigs of Rods and I know I have lot of games.
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Rigs of Rods, War Thunder, Copa Petrobras De Marcas, Disassembly 3D, Demolition 3D, Crossout, Flight Gear, several Itch games and demos, and Algodoo.
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Roblox, Project Torque, Microsoft Solitaire Collection, Bubble Witch Saga 3, Hidden City: Hidden Object Adventure And Rigs Of Rods 0.4.8 RC5
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RoR, Roblox, Blockland, TS2020 (updated from 2014 version), War Thunder, DCS World, Minecraft (Tlauncher) Floating Sandbox, Gmod, Flightgear, Crossout, SMBX, Mario Editor, Stickmin Collection and TF2. oh also Turboprop Flight sim, X plane 10, Trainz 2 mobile, etc etc anyways i think i won XD
Rigs of Rods, Minecraft, Disassembly 3d, RealFlight 7 Simulator, Roblox, Poly Bridge 2
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Rigs Of Rods (of course) Team Fortress 2, American Truck Sim, Minecraft, Every Half-Life, And L4D2.
Rigs of Rods, Warthunder, Minecraft (java), Minecraft (bedrock), CSGO, Rise of flight united, TF2, Roblox and Bluestacks (android emulator)
Rigs of rods, Beamng Drive, Minecraft, Among Us, Garry's mod, project 64 (N64 Emulator), Asphalt 8