What Was the First Mod you Tried in Rigs of Rods?

my first ever mod car to be spawned was the Mean Machine(Race Version)when i saw "mean"i went with and im happy to this day that i spawned it first as if i did spawn something else i probably wouldnt even be chatting here lel and map?i picked Brutal Valley and yes i spawned the mean machine on that map lel
I remember crashing it and going up the mountain course. But the first mod that I installed and isn't a content pack is the Ae86 because I wanted a 86 mxplayer
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I say it's the Ford Falcon XB GT on Auriga Proving Grounds, my first actual car and map. But the first car I tried and really played with a bit was the Honda Accord Hatchback. Fun little car to toss around and obliterate.
First one I used?
wow, This was a while ago...
The 1982 Chevrolet S10 Short Bed, On Auriga Proving grounds.
Well, I started out with the bus and the DAF that come with the game on simple test terrain...
The first modded cars I used were the Viper on one of the banger tracks (I don't remember which).
I think that was last month xd
As far as I can remember, it was Trevor's Peterbilt 359 pulling that yellow triaxle lowboy with the Agora bus on it.
Between the garage and the airport, on Aspen Grove.

The heaviest cargo at that time was a 50T heatexchanger, I just tried and tried lifting it with the default Liebherr crane. Damn boom kept breaking apart lol.
Fun times.
mine was burnside convertible on neo(idk how to spell it) around 4 years ago before i new about the website