Wireless Gamepads?


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Feb 3, 2018
I've found I've been using an XBOX 360 controller a lot more than I used to for this game. For most basic vehicles, they do the job quite well for general driving and racing. Most vehicles with a lot of functions--I usually just use the keyboard. I've got a pretty old Afterglow XBOX 360 controller I've used since my early days with ROR (and whenever the XBOX 360 config script was added, back before the game shipped with gamepad support), which is wired. I'm always tripping over the cable. Plus, it's got some damage from its roughly 10 years of use. Namely, the right joystick is cracked in a few places, and the rubber is well, just plain ugly. And I'm not at all really a fan of the light-up feature--have never used it.

Microsoft supports XBOX ONE controllers on Windows, but am wondering if this game supports them? I've always just used the XBOX 360 one.

Are there any good ones that don't cost a whole lot? I'm thinking about checking my local Gamestop for a used wireless 360/XBOX One controller, but I am afraid it's probably broken. They don't test used merchandise well at all. Some years ago, I bought a PS2 that was covered in crayon wax, the port for the AV cable was busted, and the controller was toast. This was at a GameStop that was a bit out of my way (my local one did not carry them), so I just bought a new controller, and luckily, the AV cable still worked.


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Jan 12, 2018
xbox 1 controllers will work just fine. You'll need a usb to micro usb cable for plugging the xbox 1 controller into your pc, or if your pc supports bluetooth you can connect it the wireless way you were wanting