Your ROR experience - La tua esperienza su ROR


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Jan 15, 2018
EN - Tell us about your experience in ror, follow the questions below and explain why we prefer ror compared to other games, attach a screen with your favorite vehicle

1 How did you know this game?
2 Which vehicle do you prefer to use?
3 Which map do you prefer to use?
4 Which modder is your favorite?
5 What do you think of this game in general?
6 How long have you been using ror?
7 Tips this game to friends?
8 Which video on youtube is your favorite?

to answer only shows the question number, have fun

IT - Racconta la tua esperienza in ror, segui le domande qui sotto e spiega perch? preferici ror rispetto ad altri giochi, allega una screen con il tuo veicolo preferito

1 Come hai conosciuto questo gioco?
2 Quale veicolo preferisci usare?
3 Quale mappa preferisci usare?
4 Quale modder ? il tuo preferito?
5 Cosa pensi in generale di questo gioco?
6 Da quanto tempo usi ror?
7 Consigli questo gioco agli amici?
8 Quale video su youtube ? il tuo preferito?

per rispondere riporta solo il numero della domanda, buon divertimento


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Dec 25, 2019
Big Bill Hell's Cars
1. Youtube. It was just popular and I managed to get a better laptop so RoR I got.
2. MV4R. It has the engine of the MZ2 but more traction. That combination makes it perfect for racing
3. I prefer NeoQuertaro as it's full of people. For Multi that is but for Singleplayer, I'd take a racetrack.
4. CuriousMike as he's very productive and makes the best cars.
5. Great! Very fun!
6. 2 weeks. Big noob
7. Get a Wheel+pedal setup as it will help a lot (I do not use one but I can see it being superior to KB)
8. This one