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1951 Chevy 3100 Street Rod

1951 Chevy 3100 Street Rod 2/7/2019

After a year and some months spent in development, I figure it's time to release this project. It originally started as an entry for one of the last build-offs held on the old forum, but I decided to take on the task of finishing it completely after the competition was over.


  • Highly detailed model; Months of work were needed to model everything to the level of detail I was shooting for
  • Engine sounds sampled from an actual 350ci Small Block Chevrolet; Finding sounds for the most common engine was probably the hardest thing about this project
  • Realistic suspension and chassis characteristics; This truck weighs in at nearly 2 tons, most of which up front, it also has 670nm of torque propelling it... So don't push it too hard, lol
  • Animated driveshafts, steering wheel, and engine fan
  • Opening hood, doors, and tailgate
  • Flares

Modding Policy:
As usual I've added a guid for skinzips, so feel free to use that within reason. As far as other forms of mods, tasteful modification is the best way to go. I'd prefer not to see this stanced, donked, flushed, riced, or anything like that. A well executed mud bogger/general 4x4, track tuned, hot rodded, or other modifications that fit the nature of this vehicle are more than welcomed.
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Latest reviews

This car is verry deatailfull and can drive verry cool
Very detailed and realistic model.
Two thumbs up!
An absolutely beautiful piece of fine art. Lets just say, no part of it is bad at all, nor mediocre. Every single part is finely crafted, with small details everywhere. Also, the car drives quite realistically, with suspension that feels real, and steering that just feels, REAL.

I honestly don't know how you did this, but great job. I swear, probably the best car model in ROR.