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1965 Austin Mini

1965 Austin Mini 4/27/2022

Great little Mini.
I've found two flaws.
This Mini has a Morris grill instead of Austin.
Mod have the broken crash sound (i've fixed it)
But this car is very cool.
It's Mr. Beans car in RoR
I love this car because I was born in the UK. :)
Very nice (even if it isn't yours), but a few things..
Red in image, green in actual pack...
Such a British car... why LHD version!?
...although these are minor annoyances :)
Eh uhh...There could be an RHD version...But i like it!!Altough,it spawns in Green instead of red,but i like it :)
Uploaded from Archives
Uploaded from Archives
The original mod came with a folder full of different liveries, I may have accidentally unpacked it or something along those lines. Don't worry, soon all of them will be easily accessed through a skinzip menu.
This mod is very cool and beautiful but the front suspension is weird during the curves and it's hard to turn.
I also think the front wheels aren't grippy enough.
Thank for this mod, I love it!

EDIT : I was playing in 0.4.7 version, but in 0.4.8, it's really better, the only remaining issue is the front suspension wich stills a bit flabby.