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1969 Dodge Super Bee

1969 Dodge Super Bee 4/27/2022

Fixed a small typo

Hello all, here's what is included with this long-overdue first update for the Super Bee:
  • All old paint configs have been converted to proper skins
  • The white skin that has long been corrupted and missing has finally been restored, thanks to an intact version available from the archive!
  • Engine, transmission, and torque curve rework for the 440+6 Super Bee "Six Pack". This was in an effort to make the mod more functionally accurate to a real-life 1969 Dodge Coronet Super Bee. Specs now match 390bhp @ 4700rpm, 664Nm (490 lb-ft) torque @ 3600rpm, and a stated top speed of 112mph (180km/h). (Before the car had an obscene 960Nm of torque, for instance xD)
  • Added axles line to definitively give the car a limited-slip differential, in line with how most 440+6 cars had a Dana 60 rear axle.
  • In place of colors, the Super Bee 440+6 now has configurations for either manual transmission or TorqueFlite automatic transmission
  • A corrupted engine RPM sound was also restored from an intact archived copy of the mod.

Hope you all enjoy!