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1969 Dodge Super Bee

1969 Dodge Super Bee 4/27/2022

Dkutch, darn_it, eclipse/faustknight, Tenderpaws, Mythbuster, Jaw-4, PRTAudiman, Skyhawk
1969 Dodge Super Bee Pack


Originally made in 2014, this pack contains two cars. The first is a 1969 Dodge Super Bee 440+6, pictured above as the car on the left. The second car is a custom 1969 Dodge Super Bee Specialized, a customized and turbocharged version of the Super Bee.

  • darn_it: Main 440 engine and U-joints
  • eclipse/faustknight: Rear Dana 60
  • Tenderpaws: Transmission
  • ADR's Carmageddon 2 cars: Some textures
  • Mythbuster: Support, a lot of testing, and being there for rebounding ideas.
  • Jaw-4: Testing, support, and being someone to talk to.
  • PRT-Audiman: Sound and tuning help
  • Skyhawk: Mini's
  • Jaimswallace: Awesome teaser video
  • Dkutch: Everything else.

Beta testers:
  • 97Ram1500
  • Creak
  • Dennis-W
  • Jaw-4
  • Marlou
  • Micracer
  • Mythbuster
  • Nadeox1
  • Off-Roader
  • RockCrwlr
  • PRT Audiman
  • ShawnVallance
  • Silvermanblue
  • Skyhawk
  • Straubz
  • Tmf45
- Dkutch, 2014
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what an amazing drift car! I like the extra detail of Prototype, shows how excited you were to release
;-) need that factory green...nice job