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1987 Lamborghini Countach

1987 Lamborghini Countach 1.0

niceguy4704, Lifter, Box5diesel, Squishy
Welcome to Niceguy4704's Lamborghini Countach


This model is made for Rigs of Rods. All private changes and conversions are allowed.

  • F1-F2 lower, raise headlights
  • F3-F4 close, open front bonnet
  • F5-F6 close, open driver door
  • F7-F8 close, open passenger door
  • F9-F10 close, open engine bay
  • F11-F12 close, open trunk
Custom painting:

I have included a Paintshop template for super easy painting. I highly recommend using it
although you can edit the textures directly.

A. Using the template

the template has layers for super easy texture editing.

a. make sure you have the "paint" layer selected
b. keep the "template" layer locked
c. paint away
d. to save, goto File->Save As, change the file type to jpeg
e. for Wingless, save as a1523UIDpaintwl.jpg
f. for winged, save as a1523UIDpaint.jpg

B. Using the textures directly

a. for wingless, open a1523UIDpaintwl.jpg, edit and save
b. for winged, open a1523UIDpaint.jpg, edit and save

C. DO NOT edit the a1523UIDtrim.jpg file. Both cars share the trim file. it is highly recommended it
not be changed.

  • Niceguy4704- mesh, chassis, truck file, sounds, textures
  • Lifter- testing, suspension, chassis improvements
  • Box5Diesel- testing, chassis improvements
  • Squishy- testing, chassis improvements
  • RoR Community- all the countless tips and instructions that got me where i am today!
To all of you, This is dedicated to you!!

- Niceguy4704, 2009
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Isn't realistically deformable, other than that not bad. Quite impressive for 2009.
pretty nice countach