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1989 Kenworth SAR  - Road Train Australia version

1989 Kenworth SAR - Road Train Australia version 1.0

Hemiboy95, Box5diesel, PrT Audiman
This is a heavily modded 1989 SAR made by Hemiboy95 to which I have full permissions.

I am delighted to release the FIRST EVER 18 SPEED TRANSMISSION made and tuned entirely by me, it also features a new chassis, exterior and lights mod. I have hauled 190 tonnes on the rear haven't had time to do more testing.


now features smoother but powerful brakes, and a smooth torque to power ratio which means you can pull a trailer without damaging it. and now the gear shifts are longer, so you can transfer power to the wheels stopping them from slipping

maximum speed without trailer is 121mph @3100rpm

this has been made to go with my recent terrain Road Train Australia, i hope you enjoy this mod its very powerful and easy to drive enjoy!

- PrT Audiman, 2011
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