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Bombardier ALP-45DP

Bombardier ALP-45DP 1/20/2019

BigBoy, sputnik_1
Bombardier ALP-45DP

Here it finally is! The Bombardier ALP-45DP dual powered locomotive.
It comes in two different liveries, AMT (Canada) and NJT (USA).
Both a version of the locomotive in diesel and in electric mode is available, only difference are the sounds and the removed exhausts on electric version.

Please carefully read the instructions BEFORE posting useless questions:

Use the train spawner placed on the map (small building where it says "Trains") or place it on a straight track piece via the .terrn file, DO NOT spawn in the truck spawner this will not work.

The ALP uses default truck controls. Always stay in automatic-transmission, it will not shift in the second gear!
F5/F6: to raise or lower the pantograph.
CTRL + 1: change directional lighting
CTRL + 2: front ditch lights
CTRL + 3: front lights
CTRL + 4: rear ditch lights
CTRL + 5: rear lights
CTRL + 6: wipers

The knuckle couplers couple other trains (using the same coupler, of course...) like other ALP's automatically. When coupled, both carriages are connected to each other ingame. If you want to uncouple two carriages, you need to unlock couplers on BOTH carriages in between you want to uncouple. The ALP has a small lever next to the rear knuckle coupler (with a lock/unlock-sign next to it) that can be grabbed by mouse. Pull to "unlock" position on both carriages and done. Not that complicated.

Thanks to:
  • sputnik_1 - Without him this would not have been possible. He made trains actually work in Rigs of Rods (as you will see after reading this and testing the locomotive), outgoing from donoteat's basic layout design. Furthermore he helped a lot with tweaking the ALP, to make it drive as good as it does. Many many thanks mate!
  • donoteat - He once had the idea to bring trains to RoR and made the great layout we are now using.
  • And thanks to the invited members who tested this!

- BigBoy, 2012

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