F1 Test Track

F1 Test Track 0.81

  • Changed Caelum time (suggested by @ulteq)
  • Fixed grandstand seat transparency + position
  • Added extra buildings/trees around oval (from the Autumn version)
  • Added "AI" version featuring a MeanMachine Race doing a lap of the main circuit)
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IMPORTANT: The zip file name changed, please delete your old one!

  • Removed diffuse/emissive/ambient/specular lines from materials, textures are much brighter now
  • Ground texture now matches the mesh
  • Fixed races
  • Scenery mesh is now the same scale as the old one, this allows the scenery to still be visible at lower sightranges (3000m)
  • Fixed backfaces on outside of walls
  • Changed Caelum file to the same one North St Helens uses
  • New mini picture
  • Bumped version to 0.8