race track

  1. CuriousMike

    Monte Carlo Rallye 1/16/2020

    This is Jalkku's Monte Carlo, updated for the latest RoR versions. Changes from the original release: Added shadows (PSSM) support Fixed texture errors Fixed overview map Added "do not enter" sign at end of track to prevent falling off Fixed truckshop access Added mini images Note: This is...
  2. Lenni

    Beta Desert Rally Map 1

    A desert Rally Map. It is actually quite old, but as the races are working again now I'm releasing this. Maybe someone can fix the terrain textures, it used to work on older RoR versions, the files are still included. Maybe someone can enhance the race scripts, there is a speed trap file...
  3. CuriousMike

    MRY11 9/19/2019

    Originally made by Masa, I ported this to 0.4+ a few years ago and finally decided to release it.
  4. Uploaded from Archives

    Ovals 2/16/2019

    Fixed paved oval wall.
  5. Uploaded from Archives

    RaceMax 2/16/2019

    This file has been uploaded from the archives. No description is available.
  6. CuriousMike

    F1 Test Track 0.81

    IMPORTANT: The zip file name changed, please delete your old one! The famous testing track every RoR player knows, now better than ever! Removed diffuse/emissive/ambient/specular lines from materials, textures are much brighter now Ground texture now matches the mesh Fixed races Scenery mesh...
  7. CuriousMike

    Top Gear Test Track 1/30/2019

    After 6 years of being leaked to just about everyone, we've finally decided to do an "official" release of this map, now supporting 0.4 and PSSM (shadows). Changes from the old leaked version: Converted to 0.4 Added shadows support Fixed white track line not appearing in some places All...
  8. Charger

    Grunwaldring 1.1

    Credits: @Jalkku - original track @Charger - updated textures and reworked track surface @CuriousMike - PSSM support Update 7/12: Changed Caelum config, better shadow quality Fixed shadows flickering on track surface Updated mini picture Enjoy!