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Ford Mustang (1979-1982)

Ford Mustang (1979-1982) 2020-07-29

I love drifting with this.
It was a very easy car to use, so I gave it this rating.
This is a high quality and fun fox body, I would want from this is a SVO Version and stock 4 cylinder model.
This mod is very detailed and is just perfect!

From the lights, the interior, a working clock, and many others, i love this mod!
A very detailed Foxbody Mustang, I love it!
This is for sure, the most meticulously detailed vehicle in Rigs of Rods history. From the genius lights, to the first ever working clock in RoR, to the almost impeccable sounds and flames spitting from the pipes, this thing is an absolute work of art.
A very amazing mod! pretty fun to use and looks beautiful, 5 stars!
One of best mods in rigs of rods that i ever had. It is probably the best one at least now lol
Absolutely superb. The creator did a very good job by creating this car here
I love this thing! Drives nice, looks nice, even crashes nice! Amazing car! Love it!
I like that has working backfire and more!
very epic
you did one heck of a job on this Mustang best car I have driven on rigs of rods I love the start up sound and the engine sound the only complaint I have is the horn sound fix that and you have a winner and keep up the good work again a killer car love it
I absolutely love the details in this car: The interior with the radio that displays text, the blinkers showing up on the dashboard, the quite accurate analogue speedometer on the dash, the digital clock under the radio that moves with the time you are in the vehicle, the moving handbrake in the interior, the foglights that have a (non functional) lightbeam, the backfire that comes out of the exhaust occasionally, the detailed engine and suspension etc.
And the car is an absolute blast to drive!
Great Model It handles pretty well Perfect for street racing and driving :D
great job mate looks good keep it up keep bring mods out like this u will rise to the top