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J35 V6 Soundpack

J35 V6 Soundpack 1.0

These sounds are from a 2nd Generation Saturn VUE with a 3.5 Honda J35 V6, Pushing 248 HP And 242 lb⋅ft of torque. These Engines were chain driven, SOHC V6's, With an Aluminium block.
It was available with a 5 Speed Automatic Transmission (Honda H5).
I recommend using this with any vehicle with a V6, Such as the Gavril G2's, And the MV4,
Note: This Soundpack is only designed to go to 5000 RPM's. Anything higher will break the Rev Limiter sound.
Plans: Add Parking Brake Sound, Add Horn Sound, Add Exhaust Sound.
RamCharger: Base Soundscript and extra help.
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