Jason's IC CE Bus Pack

Jason's IC CE Bus Pack 6/4/2019

Good job on the school bus; this mod seems to be really popular, since before I downloaded it, I always missed out on the "Bus Roleplaying" on the multiplayer servers because they always used this mod. :D
I absolutely love this....I am making a couple changes for myself (and crediting you). If I get enough likes or positive feedback could we do some collabs?
nice :)
Is there a way to stop the bus from sliding when you go to take corner
after the crash was fixed only the 2010 and 2018 show up
in my opinion I love all of these buses but the 2018 ice crashes my game
Everything is good, but the buses have a black tint to them. What can I do?
The only problem is that the 2018 bus crashes my game, other than that the buses are amazing.
Ok, thank you A.D.M17X.
bus 48 you hit control, then use 1 2 3 for lights and f1 f2 f3 and f4 for controlling stop sign lift arm and doors
Awesome School Bus Mod!!!
Is this going to be fixed? Crashes my game!!!
all the buses are good but the 2018 crashes the game
nice bus models Jason.you should try to make a amtran pack
Awesome ICCEs
Love thease buses 2018 crashes my game..A.D.M17x Its Ctrl 1&@ Stop sign is F2 F1 and door is f4and 3
great buses just the 2018 crashes the game would love to drive it tho
the busses are pretty good, but the Cummins ISB engine in the 2015 IC CE in this pack, has an idle sound that sounds less like a Cummins ISB, & more like a CAT C7.
The only question is why the buses are so light. They drive like car, one turn and the back ends are sliding, and when you brake the who bus jolts back is there anyway to fix this
Excellent bus! Models are great, look realistic, and the best part, they're public! The sad part is that the 2018 crashes my game.