Jason's IC CE Bus Pack

Jason's IC CE Bus Pack 6/4/2019

Game keeps crashing while im trying to spawn a bus MY DISK SPACE IS LOW D:::
it is just good i liked it
btw id Jason hills is here please tell me on this commit
because this is ur friend on discord my account name is king number number number number Rember ybr from the game
when ever i spawn in the 2018, it just crashes, and I really want to try the 2018 one out, but other than that, looks amazing bro nice work
my only problem is that the 2018 crashes my game but the rest is great nice work
jason i messaged you on discord remember also awesome pack!
i also recommend yall make a c2 if yall do plese make it have door air sounds
Shift points on 2015 IC need some tweaking, shifts way to fast.
Yes, I very much agree with Austin.
Excellent pupil transportation device.