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Kenworth T800 Wrecker

Kenworth T800 Wrecker 11/14/2019

Thatsnice, DarthCain, Fastruck, Joe Swanson, K20, CTSTransportService, Austin, CuriousMike

  • @DarthCain : T800 Cab/Chassis, Mesh modification, Skinzip, Skins, Support
  • @fastruck : Jerr Dan Wrecker body, Support
  • Joe Swanson: Strobe Lights, Support
  • @Thatsnice: Meshes, N/B, Flares, Mesh Modification
  • K20: Skin
  • CTSTransportService: Skin
  • @Austin: Pete's Towing Skin
  • @CuriousMike: Fixing parser errors

  • ALT+L Unlock winches
  • F1-F2 Main Boom Down/Up
  • F3-F4 Boom In/Out
  • F5-F6 Left Winch Up/Down
  • F7-F8 Right Winch Up/Down
  • F9-F10 Under Reach Fold/Unfold
  • F11-F12 Under Reach In/Out
  • CTRL+F1-F2 Under Reach Boom Down/Up
  • CTRL+F3-F4 Left Stabilizer Up/Down
  • CTRL+F5-F6 Right Stabilizer Up/Down
  • CTRL+F7-F12 Toolbox Doors Open/Close
  • Alt +F1-F2 Hood Close/Open
  • CTRL 1 Lightbar/Strobes
  • CTRL 2 Highbeam Lights

The boom is rated for 50 tons retracted and about 15 tons fully extended with boom mostly down (which is almost spot on with the real truck)
The under reach is rated for about 40 tons although I'm sure it may handle more.
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This might help with broke down school buses.
Good, fun mod but the left winch always goes down and only stops then you press the up button for it. this also means that it doesn't go up, so it's kinda annoying but good mod.
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Uploaded from Archives
Sounds like your F5/F6 keys are sticking, winches operate normally for me and I haven't seen anyone else report this.