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Lakeville 1.1

PrT Audiman, Silvermanblue, AndrewB, LFJHutch, Brickman, Buttlamo, XXLongHaulerXX, Klink (0.4+ conversion)
Important: This terrain features fog to ensure the best possible performance, please set the sky type to Caelum in settings!


  • 5 VERSIONS Normal, Fps, Rain, Rain FPS and Lots Of Vegetation
  • 1 small village
  • 1 town
  • 1 city
  • 1 farm complete with hay bails farmhouse fields etc
  • lots of detailed vegetation
  • lots of hills
  • 5 lakes, 1 really big one or the main lake
  • 1 highway
  • 1 rock crawling test grounds
  • load spawners
  • Complete Airport
  • 3 very long tunnels
  • SanFransisco type city
  • 8km Long Trail
  • Special Buildings Never seen before including a Drive through Restaurant
  • 2CFG Files for added realism to the Rain versions
  • and much more!



  • Silvermanblue - for giving the use of his brilliant buildings And the Specially made tunnel
  • AndrewB - for doing the rain versions
  • LFJHutch - for the use of his Rocks for the crawling grounds
  • Brickman - for the use of some buildings from the Rocktown Map and Brickburger
  • Buttlamo - For the terraced houses)
  • XXLongHaulerXX - For the Service Repair shop
  • Beta testers - Adam Wright, Brickman, Taker02, Towpro, Miura, Silvermanblue, Zanjani13, xxLongHaulerxx
  • PrT Audiman - For Giving you and placement of all objects and creating the map itself
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Latest updates

  1. 1.1

    Nicer terrain detail texture + fixed normal mapping Added fog (excluding rain versions)

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Nice map. Has an older RoR feeling of sorts, roads are pretty good too.