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Mudd-Ox 8x8 ATV

Mudd-Ox 8x8 ATV 1.5

Creak, Venomox, Charger, CuriousMike (2024 update)
Creak and I have been working on this for a while now. He's building the n/b for this and I'm making his VW T3 mesh, so we're partners in crime


The first hydraulic-style counter rotation with wheels, everyone else in RoR has used tracks. Also, this is driven entirely by rotors, something we've never seen either.

How in the world does it drive?!
Creak says:
-start the engine
-Put the vehicle in auto gearbox, select D.
-Now you're ready to drive. F1-F4 are for the left and right wheels
F2 | F3
left | right
stick | stick
F1 | F4

--> F1 and F2 control the left wheels, F3 and F4 the right ones. F2 and F3 power the wheels forward, F1 and F4 backward.
Turning on the spot is also no problem.
This system should be as close as possible to a real two-stick skid steer system.
The throttle / brake / normal steering commands are not needed for driving!

Now you'll notice that you drive relatively slow. You can change this by pressing the throttle to increase the engine RPMs, the Mudd-Ox will drive faster. If it gets too fast, just push the brakes and the RPMs and vehicle speed will get slower.

How does it work?!
Creak says:
Yes, you better drive it in automatic gearbox. This way there is no chance to stall the engine and it won't bother you while driving since main control is done by the F keys, the engine speed just controls the rotational speed of the rotators.
This all would work also in neutral, but by this you'd have to wait till the RPM's would drop on their own which takes unrealistically long. So I added another invisible wheel in the middle of the ATV which will never have ground contact and is propulsed as well as braked so that you can brake the well and so the engine if needed.

- Off-Roader (Venomox), 2014

Improvements by @CuriousMike (May 11th, 2024):
  • Fixed rotator-to-wheel connections, now drives again
  • Fixed trailer hitch stability
  • Fixed flare positions
  • Added mini images
Known issues:
  • Winch mesh is currently purely visual and doesn't move, press K to view the physical N/B winch.
  • No dashboard animations.
  • Rear facing trailer camera may appear upside down at times.
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