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NeoQ2.0 12/24/2019

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  1. 12/24/2019

    Added shadows support All ground is now contactable Added version with skybox for latest dev...

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Don't correct me on this but I think this might be the biggest City or map in Rigs of Rods!
Very detailed terrain
I love how detailed it is, and it was also working well when I was driving around on it on the older version of RoR, but for some reason, it glitches on the newer version, or is it just me? Any reason for this, and is there any way to fix this?
great map but when i updated it, it doesn't open it loads to 99% and i need to force close it
Uploaded from Archives
Uploaded from Archives
Your PC isn't powerful enough to run the map.
Amazing map, thanks for adding a hitbox to the ground. Its great for driving around and flying planes.
Pretty good. I like how detailed it is.
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  • 5.00 star(s)
  • Version: 2/23/2019
Better than MitCity and N-City! :D