1. KingGMode

    Can I have a favor from someone?

    Can someone find me and attach the zip file for the map called "Portland 2012" and "minniapolis 2001"? Thanks
  2. Jett G

    Outdated Map Mesh Texture is Black

    I made a road mesh for my L3DT map and it's black for some reason. I baked it in blender and put a texture on in PDN yet it is still black. How do I fix it?
  3. ThatMercedesGuy93

    Help with terrain not showing

    Hello! I have an issue, Whenever I try to join most maps, some of the terrain type just show up as Black, what would you recommend I do to fix it?
  4. TheDude53

    Is it possible to skin a terrain?

    I'm currently looking at making a skin for a terrain uploaded from the archives. Can I just release a skinzip for it or will I need to re-release the whole thing? Also, will I need to get permission for this? I've only skinned vehicles/loads before so this is new territory for me.
  5. CuriousMike

    WhiteScreen 6/15/2020

    These are completely white/black terrains, designed for easily taking screenshots with a transparent background. Originally planned as an update to Reflection Room, decided to make them standalone maps. Includes white or black versions, depending on what you need to take a screenshot of...
  6. CuriousMike

    Belgium 4/7/2020

    Re-conversion of DeGa's iconic Belgium terrain. From the original repository description: - DeGa, 2014 Changes from the original conversion: Fixed missing paths Full shadows support Fixed vegetation appearing on roads Resurrected races, 9 in total AO baked some objects: Credits: DeGa...
  7. CuriousMike

    Monte Carlo Rallye 1/16/2020

    This is Jalkku's Monte Carlo, updated for the latest RoR versions. Changes from the original release: Added shadows (PSSM) support Fixed texture errors Fixed overview map Added "do not enter" sign at end of track to prevent falling off Fixed truckshop access Added mini images Note: This is...
  8. CuriousMike

    Benchmark Layout A 11/18/2019

    PrT_Audiman's Benchmark Layout A, updated for 0.4.8 RC5+ Changes from the original release: Added PSSM (shadows) support Fixed helipad spawner from spawning inside the ground Added collision to warehouse floor
  9. CuriousMike

    MRY11 9/19/2019

    Originally made by Masa, I ported this to 0.4+ a few years ago and finally decided to release it.
  10. CuriousMike

    CityWorld 9/7/2019

    Ever wished you could have 3 of RoR's most popular cities on one terrain? Now you can! This is a combination of NeoQueretaro, NeoQ2.0, and Penguinville, originally made as a proof-of-concept to test the unlimited collision limit. Now that the changes are a part of an official version and people...
  11. CuriousMike

    North St Helens 3 8/23/2019

    Dajoun's modified Nhelens, updated to match the current Nhelens with PSSM support.
  12. Uploaded from Archives

    Dustytrack 8/2/2019

    This file has been uploaded from the archives. No description is available.
  13. CuriousMike

    California Raisins 7/16/2019

    Old terrain by MrSteakPotato and Marlou, updated for 0.4.8RC5+
  14. Uploaded from Archives

    Taiga 7/9/2019

    Updated for 0.4.8RC4+
  15. Uploaded from Archives

    Verniocity 11/10/2021

    (From the original repository description) The interesting part of this map is that it is an urban map, but not a flat map. It has a long highway around the map, an off-road course, houses, a fire department, and everything else that an urban map might need. Trailer, provided by the author...
  16. Uploaded from Archives

    PRALO3.2 FOREST DELUXE 7/3/2019

    Updated for 0.4.8RC4+
  17. Uploaded from Archives

    Outback 7/1/2019

    Updated for 0.4.8RC4+ by CuriousMike
  18. Uploaded from Archives

    Devil's Playground 6/15/2019

    Updated for 0.4.8RC4+
  19. Uploaded from Archives

    Top Truck Challenge CA 5/29/2019

    Updated for 0.4.8RC4+
  20. Uploaded from Archives

    MudFest 6/16/2019

    This file has been uploaded from the archives. No description is available.