1. Uploaded from Archives

    Sawcity 1.0

    A small but detailed city terrain created to preview what would eventually become NeoQ2.0, now updated to terrn2 with shadows support. Overview map: Enjoy!
  2. flip889

    WIP - Beta Released Neoqueretaro Signage/localization mod

    this is a translation/improvement mod for neoqueretaro, so now you won't get lost anymore! (kind of) • added light up road signs •translated existing road names to more of an american style •flipped the traffic lights over to be more "normal" •added navigational city block/address numbers...
  3. CuriousMike

    CityWorld 9/7/2019

    Ever wished you could have 3 of RoR's most popular cities on one terrain? Now you can! This is a combination of NeoQueretaro, NeoQ2.0, and Penguinville, originally made as a proof-of-concept to test the unlimited collision limit. Now that the changes are a part of an official version and people...
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    Flatsville County 4/20/2019

    This file has been uploaded from the archives. No description is available.
  5. Uploaded from Archives

    NeoQ2.0 1.2

    NeoQ2.0 by Jigsaw, updated for 2020.01+
  6. Uploaded from Archives

    MitCity 1.3

    I have decided to release MitCity officially, since I won't do any more work on it, I find it a bit of a waste to just "cancel" MitCity after how far it's come, so now, go enjoy the Final Release of MitCity. The Map has countless elements suitable for roleplay, it has a fire station, a...
  7. Jigsaw

    NeoQueretaro 2/10/2019

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  8. Uploaded from Archives

    Penguinville 2/10/2019

    RoR's first urban map. Credits: Map by Donoteat. Objects by Donoteat. Support by Lepes. Oops Insurance building by kitteh. (Later known as Gabester) Conversion to RoR 0.4+ by sputnik_1 Features: Large city. Skyscrapers. Heliports. Bus stops. Fire department. Police Station. Hospital...
  9. Uploaded from Archives

    Rockton County 1.5

    Converted to Fixed missing textures on some city buildings Added mini images There are 7 spawn locations for you to choose from.