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Scania R620/R1200 V8 8X4 Heavy Duty

Beta Scania R620/R1200 V8 8X4 Heavy Duty 0.6.1

K20, Lenni, Voulk, Kuru, Lokinor566, froggy, nexmartin, Marcus915, CuriousMike (2024 update)
Decided that i will finish & release the R620 8X4 Heavy Hauler.
I had permission from Lenni along time ago to do it.

I had to drag the chassis mesh from the zip into Blender & then back to sketchup to finish it off but that process makes quite a mess so a day or 2 of cleaning up will be needed. I have to arrange a new set of front wheels to go with the rear ones by Voulk that were made for this project.
The chassis still needs stiffening up too since it was Lenni's 4X2 with an added steering axle copied from the original axle & a rear axle & chassis section was copied & placed so it bends a bit when loaded up. I have to make some rear Leaf springs too. No it will not have air suspension to level up the truck when loaded up. Bags in real life cannot hold as much weight as steel.

The tower (The metal structure behind the cab) has a Diesel tank, A smaller oil tank, 6 air tanks & a radiator at the bottom. Above that there are 2 tool boxes a torque converter & 2 spot lights. above that is a light bar with 4 spotlights & 2 beacons.
It has twin Eminox stacks & Kurus DS14 V8 engine that was released for use here but it has no turbo.


To do:
  • Clean up mesh
  • Stiffen Chassis
  • Redo engine detail & convert from DS14 to DC16
  • Finish N/B
  • Finish tuning
  • Make or acquire a new rear axle
  • Make rear leaf springs or just lower [STGO CAT3] to [STGO CAT2]
  • Lenni: Scania R480 4X2
  • Voulk: Wheels & Tires
  • Kuru: Fuel Tanks, Air Tanks & DS14 V8
  • Lokinor566: Origional flares
  • froggy: Gear Ratios
  • nexmartin: Testing & creating another tower
  • Marcus915: Testing & helping get K20 Industries going again
  • CuriousMike: 2024 update

The position of the 5th wheel means most conventional trailers will not fit. The K100 lowboy might but i havnt tried it. The BBD Euromax 2 are the best. I am sure the steering nodes work with the Euromax 2 but none of the other BBD Trailers.

- K20, 2013

Improvements by @CuriousMike (May 1st, 2024):
  • Fixed stalling at idle
  • Fixed beam deforming when tilting cab
  • High beams now toggled with SHIFT+N or cycled with CTRL+N
  • Added GUID & fixed parser errors
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  1. 0.6.1

    Fixed managedmaterials parser warning on R1200