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Thrustmaster T80 map 5.1

It will not work if your shifter pedals activate buttons 1 and 2 in the driver you downloaded from the Thrustmaster website. You can find out the telemetry in the tester.
NOTE: Your wheel must be in "Gamepad mode". Aka, "Blinking light mode". And on normal sensitivity. Aka "Red light mode".
To change you unplug your wheel, hold the ps button and the replug.
Very important announcement: This aint getting updates... Like, ever. unless i find out how to map in a horn trough text editor but come on who wants a horn? so that officialy means UPDATES ARE DISCONTINUED
and I just realized how many people downloaded and viewed and download this file so I am happy I helped some of you and I earned a place in this forum. thank you.
if u want older versions hmu i archived all of them.
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Latest updates

  1. Moved the buttons for drivable vehicles.

    Moved the blinkers and also brought the plane brake back in (kind of, normal brakes this time)
  2. No more choices, just steering wheel mode

    Removed the shift mode changer button funtion and the plane ground brake as it wasn't working in...
  3. Airplane controls!

    Plane controls!