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This is my little Suzuki Samurai crawler. It was originally supposed to be a budget rig, but as progress went on too much money was spent! The truck is inspired by a seemingly unremarkable drawing I found randomly on the internet but I thought it was cool.

  • Beautifully animated leaf springs and double shackles (Rather mesmerizing to stare at while they move.)
  • Heavy to extreme rock crawling capabilities.
  • Light to medium pre-running capabilities.
  • Fully meshed body and various parts including a super nice 4 cylinder engine thanks to Prt_Audiman!
  • Custom sounds thanks to Prt_Audiman!
  • Hood, doors, and windshield are openable

Includes 2 main versions:
  • A civilian model
  • A military version with a freely swiveling Browning M1919 Machine gun!
    • One with Brown camo and One with Green camo
    • V2 versions of the military truck has military wheels and tires!

  • 1-2: crawling, low gear ratios
  • 3-7: normal, high gear ratios

  • F1/F2 - Winch
  • F3/F4 - Hood
  • F5/F6 - Doors
  • F7/F8 -Window

  • Prt_Audiman for the Engine and custom sounds
  • Community for beta testing and suggestions
  • Many thanks to negativeice for his Material Flare bindings tutorial
  • Me for everything else.

Modding RULES: You may mod anything you like on the truck; use parts or N/B, excluding the engine, on your personal mods. You may only release your mods privately and never re-post anywhere.

- tatangjose, 2015
tatangjose, PrT_Audiman
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