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Xbox Controller Input Map

Xbox Controller Input Map 9/6/2022

  • Added support for using a Xbox Series controller via Bluetooth (When connecting the controller via wire, Windows/RoR detects it the same as a One controller, so no changes needed)
  • Removed broken PS4 input mapping (RoR treats the triggers as they're always being pressed, causing vehicles to continuously accelerate)
  • Added Xbox_360_Wireless_Receiver.map
  • Added experimental support for PS4 Wireless controllers (Wireless_Controller.map)
    If you have a PS controller and this file doesn't work, please PM me.
Added support for Bluetooth controllers (Bluetooth_XINPUT_compatible_input_device.map)
  • Fixed RoR.log warnings due to missing comment lines
  • Beginning of each file now displays the correct controller name
  • Added input map to replace the default wireless controller file (Controller__Xbox_360_Wireless_Receiver_for_Windows_.map)
Fixed Xbox 360 controller filename (Controller__XBOX_360_For_Windows_.map)
Uploaded the wrong zip by mistake.
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Added support for Xbox 360 controllers (Thanks to Infinite_flight1 for providing me with a VendoMaprFilename for non-Afterglow controllers)
  • Controller__XBOX_360_ForWindows.map
  • Controller__Afterglow_Gamepad_for_Xbox_360_.map
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