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  1. mcbarge

    How do I use an xbox one controller with linux?

    How do I connect a controller with linux? ( I can't find out how)
  2. Xploder98

    PowerA Nintendo Switch Wired Controller Input Map 2

    Note: This input map is an adaptation of CuriousMike's Xbox One Controller Map. It has been tested to work only on the PowerA Nintendo Switch wired controller. The control scheme is as follows. Changes from the original are marked with (*). Character: Forward/Backward/Rotate -> Left Stick...
  3. Mark

    Logitech Rumblepad 2 USB Input Map 11/07/2020

    Open the .zip file, open the folder with the version you want to use, extract the .map file. Install by dropping the .map file into your Documents\My Games\Rigs of Rods\config folder. This input map may or may not work with Cordless Rumblepad 2, if it's renamed to the correct VendorMapFilename...
  4. Mark

    Using the EXPL tag for joystick buttons? I'm using the same two buttons for TRUCK_AUTOSHIFT_UP, TRUCK_AUTOSHIFT_DOWN, TRUCK_SHIFT_UP and TRUCK_SHIFT_DOWN This works, for both transmission types (automatic and manual) but when shifting from Reverse to Drive, it puts...
  5. Mark

    Logitech Gamepad F310 Input Map 06/07/2020

    Install by dropping the .map file into your Documents\My Games\Rigs of Rods\config folder. For this input map to work, the controller has to be in DirectInput mode - there is a toggle switch on the bottom of it, make sure it's in the D (right-most) position. You may find, especially when driving...
  6. Mark

    Bug report Assigning COMMON_REPAIR_TRUCK to a button on a controller disables access to it via the backspace key

    I thought it would be convenient to be able to repair the vehicle from the controller, and assigned a button to COMMON_REPAIR_TRUCK It works as it should, but now I can't access COMMON_REPAIR_TRUCK via its default backspace key, it does nothing. This makes it super awkward for when I want to...
  7. Mark

    Unsolved Custom input map - cannot get plane throttle slider to work

    Hello, I'm making a custom input map for a Logitech Attack 3 (flight stick kind of controller) using the RoR Input Mapping Tool. I used the "AIRPLANE_THROTTLE_AXIS" input event and chose "JoystickAxis" input type, for the physical slider on the controller. Works fine in the test screen of the...
  8. CuriousMike

    Xbox One/360/PS4 Controller Input Map 3/23/2020

    IMPORTANT NOTES: To install, Simply extract the zip file into Documents\My Games\Rigs of Rods\config, overwriting when prompted. For PS4 controllers, make sure you uninstall or disable DS4Windows if you have it installed, otherwise it will conflict! These input maps are only supported on...