Custom input map - cannot get plane throttle slider to work

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Mar 13, 2018

I'm making a custom input map for a Logitech Attack 3 (flight stick kind of controller) using the RoR Input Mapping Tool.

I used the "AIRPLANE_THROTTLE_AXIS" input event and chose "JoystickAxis" input type, for the physical slider on the controller. Works fine in the test screen of the tool, but does nothing when in game.

I don't think I can use "JoystickSlider" input type, because in RoR.log where it detects the controller, it says there are 0 sliders and 3 axes meaning my "slider" is not actually a slider.

Any help would be appreciated, it's already a lot of fun to fly with a stick and having a working throttle would complete the experience.

Thank you.


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I did some testing, and..

I can use the controller's physical throttle slider if I assign it to anything else (e.g. AIRPLANE_STEER_LEFT) as a JoystickAxis and it works fine even in game.
I tried using another axis from the controller as the throttle axis. That doesn't work either, at all.

I also tried all the planes and "AIRPLANE_THROTTLE_AXIS" doesn't work with any of them, leading me to believe that either
a) none of the planes I've tried support this form of throttle control
b) AIRPLANE_THROTTLE_AXIS despite its name only works with JoystickSlider input type, of which RoR says I have none (my physical throttle slider is detected as an axis)
c) it's a bug

Any input on this would be appreciated, as I'm not sure how to proceed. Thank you

Either something changed in RoR since, or having Logitech Gaming Software (Logitech Profiler 5.10.127 x64) made a difference and the physical throttle slider now works as it should, in RoR.
RoR now detects it as Logitech_Attack_3_USB instead of Logitech_Attack_3. The "slider" is still detected and treated as a JoystickAxis.

10:13:53: Creating Joystick 2 (Logitech Attack 3 USB)
10:13:53: * Axes: 3
10:13:53: * Sliders: 0
. . .
10:13:53:  * Loading input mapping
10:13:53:  * Input map successfully loaded: 21 entries

AIRPLANE_THROTTLE_AXIS         JoystickAxis         0 0 REVERSE
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