Bug report Assigning COMMON_REPAIR_TRUCK to a button on a controller disables access to it via the backspace key

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Mar 13, 2018
I thought it would be convenient to be able to repair the vehicle from the controller, and assigned a button to COMMON_REPAIR_TRUCK
It works as it should, but now I can't access COMMON_REPAIR_TRUCK via its default backspace key, it does nothing.

This makes it super awkward for when I want to move the vehicle, I have to hold the key on the controller while I use WASD+CTRL+SHIFT with the other hand.

Am I doing something wrong, and is there a way to make it so both the button and backspace can activate COMMON_REPAIR_TRUCK?
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No no no, the change is only in the input map file for the controller. Good guess though!
The input.map remains untouched.

I'm sure adding the line in the controller input map somehow disables the one in input.map, because when I remove it, backspace works again.
Same thing is happening on the latest dev version
I see that COMMON_REPAIR_TRUCK is not on the list of keypress events (not sure if it ever was, got it from the Input Mapping Tool)

It still works, but still blocks the backspace key.
I've created an issue ticket on our GitHub repo: https://github.com/RigsOfRods/rigs-of-rods/issues/2596
Thanks Mike, wasn't sure if it was issue-worthy
I wonder if there are other keypress events that might have their original key disabled, if assigned to a controller
I kinda wish I could contribute more than just "complaining" about issues - like, actually find where in the code this happens and why. I've no idea how to debug stuff.

Also, barely related, but I was poking around and found this https://github.com/RigsOfRods/rigs-of-rods/blob/master/source/main/utils/InputEngine.cpp#L992, it has the keypress events list, with descriptions, unlike on the Docs, so that'll be handy in the future
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