1. highRPM

    Camo skin pack for the Gavril mv4 1.0

    Camo pattern skins for the Gavril mv4. These are the first skins for the Gavril mv4 that are not solid colour. Perfect for playing hide and seek in multiplayer or secret mission rp. Included skins: Woodland camo -good for green or wooded maps Desert camo -good for off-road maps Grey camo...
  2. highRPM

    Skins for Various Rigs of Rods Vehicles

    Hi everyone. I'm working on some skins for different ROR vehicles, and I want to have your feedback. Some of these skins have not been worked on yet. Chevrolet G20/G30 van skins. (expected release by mid to late June) Police -- 10% SWAT -- 0% Camo Grey -- 0% Camo Brown -- 0% Camo Green -- 0%...
  3. CuriousMike

    Gavril MZ2 Plane 1.0

    The newest entry in my "stupid mods collection", It's an MZ2 with wings from the Skyvan and a jet engine strapped to it. What more could you want? Controls: F1/F2 - Suspension height (raise when landing) 1/2 - Flaps 3/4 - Airbrakes Z/X - Rudder Flying tips: After take off, set the...
  4. Manieczek

    Outdated MRacing skin for the Gavril MV4R

    Just a generic racing skin I made in my free time. Let me know how did it turn out. Credits: Gabester [vehicle] @Pixel [SBDC] @Xploder98 [SSCS] Thanks to all credited!
  5. sievert

    Fictional Rally Liveries for the Gavril G2X

    Title says it all. These are (for now) a couple of fictional rally liveries for, well, any trim of the Gavril G2. I just chose the G2X because it's the most appropriate of the trims. I will create more of these liveries in the future. Here's the liveries on my rally-spec G2S, the G2SR...
  6. vlvach

    On Hold Gavril Rally team skins for gavril cars

    Hello, is my first experience in modding. I present you rally skins for g2, Zeta, MV4S. *Used paint .net *in the future, I plan for omega, gv, bandit
  7. CuriousMike

    Gavril Omega Limousine 3/23/2020

    You've been chauffeured around in your Burnside Limousine for years. But now you want something larger. Something even more impractical. Enter the Gavril Omega Limousine, available now at Rig-A-Deal. This is a limo conversion of the Gavril Omega, originally made back in 2017. Decided to finally...
  8. CuriousMike

    Gavril Omega DET 11/10/2019

    Undercover variant of the Gavril Omega, originally released on the Repository long ago but was removed since it was based on an older version of the Omega. It has been updated with the current version's features plus: Upgraded engine Custom flares Moving antenna Siren Controls: CTRL+1 -...
  9. Uploaded from Archives

    Gavril MZ2 11/7/2022

    Part of the Gabester Vehicle Pack. Versions: MZ2 MZ2R
  10. Uploaded from Archives

    Gavril GV 11/7/2022

    Part of the Gabester Vehicle Pack. Versions: GV3 GV3R GV3S GV5 GV5R GV5S
  11. Uploaded from Archives

    Gavril Bandit 11/11/2019

    Part of the Gabester Vehicle Pack. Versions: Bandit 200 Bandit Stripped Bandit 300 Bandit 400 GT Bandit Extreme Bandit Off-Road
  12. Uploaded from Archives

    Gavril Zeta 11/7/2022

    Part of the Gabester Vehicle Pack. This is a compact SUV. Six versions: 2WD SWB LWB Crawler X R Features: Realistic performance Detailed flexbody Separate detaching parts (hood, doors, trunk, fenders, mirrors, and bumpers) Collidable submesh Full interior Stable on-road handling...
  13. Uploaded from Archives

    Gavril Omega 11/9/2019

    Part of the Gabester Vehicle Pack. The Omega is an off-road sports sedan. Choose from three versions: Omega Six - ~300 horsepower I6 diesel base model Omega Ten - ~500 horsepower V10 with bigger wheels and lifted suspension Omega Twelve - 600+ horsepower V12 with a lightened chassis...
  14. Uploaded from Archives

    Gavril G2 7/2/2020

    Part of the Gabester Vehicle Pack. Versions: G2 G2S G2X G2R
  15. Uploaded from Archives

    Gavril MV4 11/9/2019

    Part of the Gabester Vehicle Pack. Versions: MV4 MV4S MV4R