1. cnctcat

    Light cars needed

    Has anyone ever noticed the lack of any light economy cars in RoR? If you order every accurate mod by weight, you have the 2cv then a big jump to the Ibiza and other smallish hatchbacks. I know that there is a large problem with reducing the weight of wheels as they explode if you reduce the...
  2. Matthews Legend

    I found an old site for RoR mods (forgotten)

    Hey guys, i found an old site for RoR mods, probably forgotten, with several old mods where i could download several vehicles, on some pages i even found maps too. I will go provide the link here:
  3. AgentV12

    What WAS This Mod?

    Welcome to the latest and greatest innovation in forum guessing games! With a forensics twist! Prove the extent of your knowledge of Rigs of Rod's expansive catalog of mods and vehicles, by identifying them using only images of their crumpled remains. As with similar threads, the rules are...
  4. J

    I'm going to try to build a 2013 Ford Flex

    I'm going to try to make a Flex. Would anyone like to help with scripting/skins/sounds? I've never made a vehicle so it would be much appreciated. (i edited it because the flex has less curves and seems a bit simpler than the supra)
  5. Miggy

    Roll cage for Mitsubishi Space Wagon 2020.01

    This is a simple roll cage for the Mitsubishi Space Wagon, which is done in under 10 minutes so don't expect high quality details on it. It makes your Wagon look cooler tho. This is how it looks: VEHICLE NOT MINE (Gabester's) If you're going to publish a modified version of this aftermarket...