1. N

    Live Bottom Trailer 1

    Property of RoR Enter the mod and press CTRL-T for the command list. No you do not have permission to reuse my models in other games! Credits to Darthy for the skins Fully functional like the real thing. Controls: CTRL-F1-F2-Legs CTRL-F3-F4-Door Close/Open CTRL-F5-F6-3 Centre Axles...
  2. Charger

    Dura-Built Defender Enclosed Car Trailer 1.0

    This is something that I've been meaning to make for quite a while, a revamped version of my first scratch-made creation for RoR. Features: Fully meshed Working suspension parts Working lights, courtesy of the materialflares system Moving jack Opening ramp (Ctrl+F3/F4) Working jack, to make...
  3. Mr-Destroyer

    I made a new trailer

    It took me 2-3 days to make it. I remade BeamNG.Drive trailer in Rigs of Rods. I Only used official cars and maps in it. Am I allowed to post my trailer here ?
  4. Uploaded from Archives

    AirBag Trailer 1.0

    A small flatbed trailer designed to transport vehicles with low ground clearance. Credits: Adolfo Pineda - Trailer LT. Smell My - Wheels and tires CuriousMike - Weight tuning, flares, other improvements Enjoy!
  5. Uploaded from Archives

    Streamline Moderne 1.0

    Map: La Paz. This pack is my attempt to capture the Streamline Moderne style popular in the 1930s and 1940s. The vehicles are all fictional, but their performance is realistic. I hope you'll enjoy driving them as much as I have enjoyed making them. 1948 Martin T64S "Custom" Tractor A very...
  6. DarthCain

    Caterpillar XQ20 Generator 1.5

    New update for my old Cat XQ20. Remade the UV map, and included some rental company skins. Also included a .pdn for anyone wanting to make skins. Credits: DarthCain Possibly to ROR-EMS, I know at one point, he placed some flares on this, but I decided not to release it with the flares since...
  7. N

    Side Lift Container Trailer 1.1

    Trailer for the 20ft and 40ft ISO Containers. Includes red color by @Fili86RaceFace. Controls: F1/F2-stabilizers up/down F3/F4-slide to fit 20ft containers F5/F6-first boom up/down F7/F8-second boom up/down F9/F12 -crane stabilizers CTRL+F1 - Lock chains (press once and wait for the chains to...
  8. Jesse

    Quincy Air Compressor Trailer 1.0

    Small air compressor trailer. Please don't port to other games without my permission.
  9. DarthCain

    Felling Trailer Factory Paint 1.0

    Factory Paint colors for neg's Felling Trailer
  10. Guppey-NL

    Looking for trailer

    I am looking for the TN L2 trailer, as shown in this pic (by Fili86RaceFace). Anyone knows where I can find it and (even better!) where I can download it? Thanks!
  11. Uploaded from Archives

    LowPro Trailers 1/12/2014

    - Ravidnas1, 2014
  12. DarthCain

    53' Great Dane Dry Van

    DarthCain submitted a new resource: 53' Great Dane Dry Van - A simple 53' Dryvan Trailer Read more about this resource...
  13. Uploaded from Archives

    53' Great Dane Dry Van 2021-12-10

    Here is a 2003 53 foot Great Dane dryvan that Jerald9000 made with Crazyjoe it has opening doors and a contactable inside so you can load crates cars or whatever you please into it. The trailer is skinable using the attached PDNS. Trailer body is fully meshed and has moving mudflaps too. DO NOT...
  14. Uploaded from Archives

    53" Wabash Duraplate 1.0

    Credits- Base NB - Jerald9000 Fixes - 09Challenger Mesh & Textures - Nadeox1 Wheels - Hemiboy -Commands (CTRL+)- F1-F2 - Legs F3-F4 - Doors -INGAME PICS- ---Note - Don't Load it with Heavy Stuff or Something may just break--- -WANT TO MAKE YOUR OWN SKIN?- A PSD File is also attached...
  15. Uploaded from Archives

    Multi-Box Trailer 1.15

    Dry box trailer with good detail modeling and texturing, able to tow one trailer or two trailers according to your preference. ideal for easy reskin. Can cause errors with the brakes, the second trailer, for example be anchored or lack of brakes (this is most common). "L" first trailer "O"...
  16. Austin

    44ft Tilt Deck Gooseneck Trailer Skins 1

    A few skins originally made by @Austin in 2014 for his 44ft Tilt Deck Gooseneck Trailer, and repackaged by @DarthCain and @Xploder98. The included skins are: Caterpillar Red Hope you enjoy!
  17. Uploaded from Archives

    MothTail Hydraulic Ramp Trailer 1

    MothTail Hydraulic Ramp Trailer Credits: MothBird The Wolf (now known as @Austin) Jaw-4 Controls: CTRL + F1/F2: Tongue Jacks CTRL + F3/F4: Main Ramp CTRL + F5/F6: Ramp Tip CTRL + F7/F8: Suspension Height "O": Lock Load Onto Deck (Trailer is enter-able through the vehicles drop down in...
  18. ThatRanger92

    Lookin For a Military Trailer

    Hey, just trying to look for a military style trailer, anyone know of any? been searching the repo a lot with no success, maybe make one?
  19. ighor001


    someone would have this link I researched a lot and got no answers
  20. TheDude53

    Pepsi Skin for Dura-Built Trailers 1.0

    A Pepsi skin for the Dura-Built 176R, 176T, and 96T trailers. Frequently Asked Questions Can I use this in media? Go ahead! Feel free to send me a link to the final product. Can I modify this? DM me and let's talk first.