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Streamline Moderne

Streamline Moderne 1.0

Map: La Paz.

This pack is my attempt to capture the Streamline Moderne style popular in the 1930s and 1940s. The vehicles are all fictional, but their performance is realistic. I hope you'll enjoy driving them as much as I have enjoyed making them.

1948 Martin T64S "Custom" Tractor
A very low-slung 6x4 tractor. It has independent front suspension with double wishbones and load sharing rear suspension. The engine is a naturally aspirated 12-cylinder diesel driving through a 7-speed gearbox and locking differentials. Overall length is 29 ft, wheelbase 22 ft from front axle to centre of rear axle group, width 102 in, height 14 ft 9 in to tip of smokestacks. Kerb weight is 20,000 lbs, gross combination weight 80,000 lbs.

Fully loaded, the T64S will reach a top speed of 60 MPH with one of the included trailers. It will accelerate from 0-50 MPH in 1 minute, 0-60 MPH taking approximately 2 minutes.


1948 Martin O40 Tanker
A streamlined tank trailer in fictional "Hexaco" livery. Steel unibody, load sharing suspension. Overall length is 40 ft, wheelbase 28 ft from kingpin to axle group centre, width 102 in, height 10 ft 6 in. Loaded weight is 60,000 lbs.


1948 Martin F45 Flatbed
A simple flatbed trailer with stainless steel load deck and load sharing suspension. The deck is submeshed with the rollon flag and has ties to secure loads. Overall length is 45 ft, wheelbase 36 ft from kingpin to axle group centre, width 102 in, deck height 59 in, overall height 79 in to top of bulkhead. Kerb weight is 12,500 lbs, rated load 47,500 lbs.


1948 Martin V59 "Streamliner" Dry Van
A very large and somewhat impractical dry van. It has a streamlined stainless steel unibody and load sharing suspension. Overall length is 59 ft, wheelbase 47 ft from kingpin to axle group centre, width 102 in, height 14 ft 9 in. Loaded weight is 60,000 lbs.

  • The wheels have 40 nodes each, and the meshes were made in Sketchup. Don't expect these to be FPS-friendly.
  • The trailers are roll coupled via the system used by Lenni and Badboy for trailer steering. The centre of gravity and suspension are tuned accordingly; the trailers may topple easily on trucks that lack these nodes.
  • To minimise rolling resistance, the wheels are pushing the limits of the beam engine. They tend to oscillate when stationary. Caution is advised when stopping or parking on slopes as they may creep.
  • The trailers have very low drag. The T64S will not pull most other trailers at high speed.

  • CGTextures (restrictions apply, see below)
  • tiredoldwhiteman
  • DieselPower24
  • khadner
  • bf449
  • flyer3849
  • JensLynIV

CGTextures does not allow redistribution of its textures under open source licences. You must remove/replace their texture before releasing modifications of this truck. All other assets used are available for modding. See the readme for specific file information and licensing details.

- JensLynIV, 2013
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