On Hold Boeing 777-300ER

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When i want spawn this plane it says "Failed to load 'Boeing777-300ER_Beta5_5.airplane' (type: 'actor'), message: Truckfile not found". Anybody can help me?
When i want spawn this plane it says "Failed to load 'Boeing777-300ER_Beta5_5.airplane' (type: 'actor'), message: Truckfile not found". Anybody can help me?
Click Settings -> Update cache. The airplane file name changed, so the new name needs to be cached.
@Zephyr Hello! Thanks for this beautiful aircraft. I've been flying this aircraft for last couple of weeks and I must say, this is the best aircraft I've flown so far in RoR. However the beta release 3 of this B777 is automatically banking/rolling to left after take off. I didn't encounter this issue with beta release 2.
this is amazing!! can i reccomend a next possible project or two? i have some ideas if you want :)
Hey guys, I've been making a Boeing 777 since last week. It will feature alot of things so it might take some time to be released. @Max98 is making the n/b and he's trying to make it realistic as possible. @Careful_Driver and I will provide all 777 operator skins. Here are some pics:
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View attachment 8776guess what??!! I also use blender! (on blender click edit then click preferences then click add-ons they are very helpful)
Amazing work. Only thing that annoy me just a bit is the passenger compartment interior that is missing the roof. I find it strange no one showed that.
Amazing work. It is much more realistic than the 767, my only complaint is the sheer rigidity of it. I don't want a plane that turns into jelly when it crashes, but i don't want one that's made of nokia 3310s either. If possible, it could be divided into sections that break apart in a crash.
Been like a month since I opened the .blend file of this plane. I was busy with other stuffs and school works. This morning I decided to check the 777 and at least make a "little" progress on it just to let you guys know it's not abandoned. New update will be released later or tomorrow.