Guess the car

Zhidou D1

What a rubbish car.
How the frick did you find it? I specifically asked the owner for the brand and model and wrote it on a paper.
I will assume it's the gtr variant of the r31
omg it's Vladimir Trunkov from Cars 2 (ZAZ-968)
Vladimir Trunkov.jpg
Toyota Chaser? Honda Accord of some sort? (Excuse if I'm dumb, I suck at this)

ZAZ 966 (the hell happened to it?)

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No, mine is a Nissan-based tuner car. Only 200 were made. It was tuned by same company which made the ZZ.
Mint Doshirak's car is actually ZAZ-968M.
Yours is Daewoo Tico.

Again mine, since no one gave the right answer:
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You can't deny it's 1988 nissan skyline.
Only because sombody chenged bages, ad spoilers and strips and put engine for Australia market.
Brabus or alpina are doing more changes for mercrdes and bmw and nobody is saying its not BMW or Mercedes anymore.