RoR Development builds (For Windows and Linux!)


Jan 14, 2018
ACTION REQUIRED: If you are switching between the latest version of RoR and developments builds you MUST delete your RoR.cfg and ogre.cfg otherwise you will encounter errors!

If you want to test the latest changes to RoR without having to compile the game yourself, you can download a Development build.

Download with the desktop app (Recommended)

With the desktop app, the latest build will be automatically downloaded and installed
Also, only the changed files will be downloaded instead of the complete game.

  1. Download and install the desktop app: itch - Download and play indie games -
  2. Login into the app.
  3. Restart your PC after you have successfully logged in
  4. Click this link to install RoR
  5. When you launch the game for the first time, it will first install some dependencies
Download without the desktop app

If you don't want to install the desktop app, you still can download the builds manually

  1. Download the latest version here:
  2. Extract the zip file into a new folder (do not merge with an existing RoR version!)
  3. Run RoR.exe (Windows) or ./RunRoR in a terminal (Linux)
Let me know if there are any problems with the development builds in this thread.
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Several maps such as North St Helens give the error:

"OGRE EXCEPTION(5:ItemIdentityException): Object named 'MainLight' does not exist. in SceneManager::getMovableObject at /home/c
cpp (line 6979)"

when I try to load them, and some vehicles and maps cause a segmentation fault as soon as they are selected in the menu. This is on Kubuntu 18.04.
ogre 1.9 crashes a lot with intel vga (i have them too so i use ogre 1.8 which works fine)

wait until ogre 1.11 port is done, it fixes all the intel crashes (tested on both my desktop and laptop using Archlinux)
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Im getting an error after I click on download

fix your settings under "Render System" and press save
or delete your old .rigsofrods dir in your home and start fresh

ps how ogre 1.11 got there? is not in master yet...
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fix your settings under "Render System" and press save
or delete your old .rigsofrods dir in your home and start fresh

ps how ogre 1.11 got there? is not in master yet...

Aha ok, dont know how ogre 1.11 got there maybe AnotherFoxGuy knows,

ps: could you tritonas00 make tutorial how to manually compile Ror and its depedencies since script does not work anymore ?
first time it downloaded but i could not open it second time i tried to download it it said failed- forbidden. :mad:
I will not lie, I am less than blown away. Or rather, blown away in the wrong direction. I get this is a dev build, but there’s some things that are just “really?”

Starting off with the quite frankly, crap texture quality. None of the vehicles have any shine to them without HQ reflections turned on, which I usually don’t for performance reasons.

Speaking of performance, this is the part that really was disappointing. I heard, and expected that 0.4.8 was going to have improved performance by quite a bit. I got the exact opposite, getting about half or a third of the framerate I did in 0.4.7. On Bajarama, with the 2WD Gavril Zeta, I got about 23 frames per second. (I get that my computer is less than suited for Rigs of Rods, but still). In this version, I get about 12, and it looks substantially worse due to the “matte finish” on everything.

The icing on the cake is that this version broke 0.4.7.

Is it possible I did something wrong? Of course. It is possible that I goofed up something, and that broke the textures, so maybe this criticism is invalid, which I wouldn’t be at all surprised if I did due to 4.7 not working, but as it stands now, this was a letdown.

As a preface let me start by saying these are Development Builds. They are not fully polished releases and no one should expect them to be, it is a privilege, not your right that the devs even release these builds for users to try new features. So you need to take a few steps back from your entitled attitude.

The "crap texture quality" is not an issue with textures, but shaders. The migration to Ogre 1.11 is still a work in progress, and the issues you're describing were caused by the incomplete migration of Caelum sky. This issue is fixed in the latest dev builds.

As far as performance, part of the solution lies in your post, turn off HQ reflections, it's obvious your PC can't handle them. To further track down any performance issues, load a map and spawn a physics intensive car, get in the car and take note of your FPS, then pause the physics with J. If your FPS increases at all that means your FPS is being limited by your CPU. You may be able to help this a little bit by adjusting the "NumWorkerThreads" setting in your RoR.cfg file. The default setting will be "=0", assuming you have a quad core CPU you'd probably want to set it to 3, which would use 3 of your 4 available threads.

Now for the "broken" 0.4.7. The 0.4.8 dev build and 0.4.7 have slightly different options within the configurator, meaning their config files can't be shared by both versions. So if you want to use 0.4.7 or vice versa, you have to delete RoR.cfg and let the configurator generate a new file.

Again, issues are to be expected with development releases. If you don't want to experience new issues then it's best to leave testing to users who can deal with them and help further development by aiding the devs in finding solutions, or even just report them properly instead of whining on the forum.