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A panel of three basic analog gauges - turbo, speedometer and tachometer, surrounded by lit indicator lights.

What is this?
- an alternative set of analog gauges for the game.

- make a backup of \resources\dashboards.zip
- put all files from add_to_dashboards_zip folder into your dashboards.zip file.

1. Download and install 7-Zip file archiver - https://www.7-zip.org/
Screenshot of 7-zip installer

2. Open the mod you downloaded in 7-zip
Screenshot showing how to open the archive in 7-zip

3. Find the folder where you have Rigs of Rods installed.
- You can usually do this by right-clicking on the shortcut, and selecting "Open file location"​
Screenshot showing open file location in context menu

4. Navigate to the "resources" folder.
Screenshot showing the resources folder

5. Find a file called dashboards. Make a copy of it.
- Click on it to select it, then press CTRL+C and then CTRL+V​
6. Rename dashboards - Copy to dashboards_backup
7. Open dashboards in 7-zip.
8. Go back to the 7-zip window with the mod you opened, enter the "add_to_dashboards.zip" folder.
9. Press CTRL+A to select all the files.
10. Using your mouse, click and hold and drag the selected files from to dashboards
Screenshots of two 7-zip windows, one with all files selected, with an arrow suggesting that you drag and drop those files onto the other open window

- analog speedo, tacho, turbo, pitch and roll gauges
- mph and km/h versions (selectable in RoR's settings)
- 4k and 8k rpm tacho versions (selected by RoR, based on vehicle)


Two analog gauges, one above the other, indicating roll and pitch angles.
A panel of three analog gauges, surrounded by unlit indicator lights, mph version.

Known issues
- ABS and TCS lights too bold on vehicles that have them - remove unlit lights from c_bg
- if you encounter any more, please let me know.

- created in Inkscape
- original dash by pricorde

Please do not use any part of this for anything outside of Rigs of Rods.
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Just a great piece of work made here !
Thanks again, and thanks for reporting mistakes in my other ones!
Great mod! I have always liked the style of the 0.3 dashboards, and it's great to see it remade!
I know it's not exactly faithful to the original, but glad you like them, thanks!
Wonderful! Easy install, clean and easy to read! Very retro!
Hey, thanks