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1965 Zastava 750 "Fica"

1965 Zastava 750 "Fica" 4/27/2022

Hello all,

I've finally gotten my work on the Zastava 750 to a point where I feel comfortable releasing what I have so far. It's been in the works off and on for a few months now, so hope you all enjoy. This update includes:
  • Greatly reduced and more accurate weight. Decreased weight from ~6390kg to only ~690kg (about 10% of the original weight!)
  • Retuned engine. Car now produces 25hp @ 4800rpm, 46Nm (34lb-ft) torque @ 2500rpm, and a top speed of 110km/h (68mph), which matches the real-life Zastava 750.
  • Updated transmission
  • Open differential
  • Adjusted interior camera position
  • Flares (headlights, brake lights, and blinkers)
  • More accurate performance (can now use all 4 forward gears, not just 1st and 2nd 😂)
Also, please note that this is the first of three planned versions of the Zastava 750, so please look forward to the future release of new versions soon. Hope you enjoy!

- Xploder98
Fixed FicaRun1 being a stereo sound file.