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1965 Zastava 750 "Fica"

1965 Zastava 750 "Fica" 4/27/2022

Zastava 750 "Fica"


The Zastava 750 was a licensed variant of the Fiat 600, produced by automotive firm Zastava. Equipped with a 767cc engine, the original Zastava 750 was capable of producing 25hp, 46Nm (34lb-ft) torque, and a top speed of 110km/h (68mph). More information on the vehicle is available on its Wikipedia entry.

Archived Copy of Original myBB Thread

  • Vido: Model
  • Masfilip: N/B
  • DirtGamer301: Fixes, updates
  • Xploder98: Further fixes and updates
Vido, DirtGamer301, Masfilip, Xploder98
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Latest updates

  1. First update in a while!

    Hello all, I've finally gotten my work on the Zastava 750 to a point where I feel comfortable...
  2. Fixed sound.

    Fixed FicaRun1 being a stereo sound file.

Latest reviews

casi no se deforma pero es muy bueno
almost no damage, but if hit car very strong it can be damaged (i dropped it from plane)