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1997-2002 Mercedes-Benz CLK (C208)

1997-2002 Mercedes-Benz CLK (C208) 1.1

Mitchieboy®, Gabester, CuriousMike (2024 update)
The Mercedes-Benz CLK C208 is a car based on the W202 C Class. However the design is based on the W210 E Class. My first car was a CLK 200 Sport from late 1998. in fact registered in 1999. So I started modelling it. Later started putting it in RoR. Then I wrecked my CLK.. bought a CLK 320 Avantgarde. And about 10 months later I sold it. however I'm still working on the CLK for RoR. I plan on making many versions including a run down beater, which is fun to mess around with.


I have used n/b of the G2s and modified it. I have received permission from Gabester.

The is car modeled in, yes... SketchUp. hate it or love it, that's how I model my stuff.

PS, if you like to modify it, several rims and colours are included, and don't hesitate to post your creation in the Random screens thread! I actually like to see you guys mod it!

- Mitchieboy®, 2013
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  1. 2024 Update

    2024 Update by CuriousMike: Fixed front end instability and stalling at idle Added factory...

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This is simply perfect. And with the update, it got even better.
Great vehicle for modding, very beginner friendly and has endless possibilities!
Unique sounds, great interior, amazing amount of custom parts to personalize it, Mitchieboy has packed this mod with high quality.
Very detailed, best sounds, everything is 100% excellent
One of the best mods i have ever had!