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Flat-black Analog Gauges

Flat-black Analog Gauges 02/16/2022

An analog speedometer and tachometer joined into one, with dashboard indicator lights lit

What is this?
- an alternative set of analog gauges for the game.

- make a backup of \resources\dashboards.zip
- put all files from add_to_dashboards_zip folder into your dashboards.zip file.
- below is a video if you need a step-by-step:

- analog speedo, tacho and turbo gauges (turbo only shown on vehicles that have it)
- mph and km/h versions (selectable in RoR's settings)
- 4k and 8k rpm tacho versions (selected by RoR, based on vehicle)
- single or dual digit tachometers (you will figure it out)
- odometer and trip odometer are non-functional


Badlands Rally, FSO Polonez 1600

Lone Peak, 1949 Ford Fordor

Separate tachometer and speedometer analog gauges, with smaller round turbo gauge in the upper right corner

Known issues
- if you encounter any, please let me know.

- created in Inkscape, thanks Inkscape.

Please do not use any part of this for anything outside of Rigs of Rods.

I hope you enjoy using these as much as I do :)
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More files from Mark

Latest updates

  1. Added a matching turbo gauge

    - added a matching turbo gauge! - removed lines that were sticking out past the border on the tacho
  2. This version actually includes the .layout files required

    Included the necessary .layout files so RoR can actually make use of the new graphics. Can't...

Latest reviews

Nice man!
these gauges are really good but i cant download it, in the last step where you drag and drop the files from the folder to dashboard it shows me an error saying "file not found or no read permission" please if you have any idea please help because i really like your work and ive been trying to install this mod for ages
Hi, try copying dashboards.zip from resources to your desktop, and then adding the files to it, and then copying it to the resources folder, let me know if that works, if it doesn't, we'll try and think of something else
Hey, the guages are pretty awesome! However, I have a reccomendation: Try to add a digital speedometer, or for analog guages, based on the car, you could make the speedo go up to 200. But btw, awesome mod!
Yea, I noticed too - that it just maxes out quickly if you're driving something fast. The next one will have a digital speedo.
very cool dashboards
Nice job! looks better than the OG Gauges!
I don't know about that, but thanks, glad you like them
Zajebista robota ! / Great work !
Hey, thanks, I appreciate it
This is nice, good job man!
Hey, thanks, glad you like them :)
How should I install it? where to put the files? This is not fully explained in the readme
Hi Adrian,

Turns out I forgot to add some files necessary for this mod to work - sorry about that, already uploaded an update and once it's approved it will show up on here.

You have to navigate to where you have Rigs of Rods installed. The folder where RoR.exe is. You can normally do this by right-clicking on the game shortcut, and selecting "Open file location".

You will find a "resources" folder in there, open it, and you will find a file called "dashboards.zip" or just "dashboards" in there. Make a copy of it, and rename it to "dashboards_backup".

Open the mod you downloaded (flat-black analog gauges.zip), and open dashboards.zip

In "flat-black analog gauges.zip", open "add_to_dashboards_zip" folder, select all files, and drag them over with your mouse to dashboards.zip.

You can use WinRAR or 7-zip or even File Explorer on your PC.

The drag-and-drop method won't work if you use File Explorer. You will have to make a new folder somewhere (e.g. on your Desktop) and extract the files there, and them add them to dashboards.zip

Confusing, I know, that's why I tried to keep the instructions short