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Loading and Securing Ropes

Beta Loading and Securing Ropes 1.0

Careful_Driver (JulianOxford)
This Mod adds 3 simple ropes made out of a single beam to the game. The Ropes will automatically lock to the next available vehicle which is less than a meter away from them. Unlock them from the vehicles by respawning them using BACKSPACE. The Idea of this mod is to just lock any vehicles to each other, without needing any hooks on the vehicles themselves. The ropes can also connect to each other and made longer this way.
The ropes are available in 3 lenghts:
1 Meter
2 Meters
5 Meters

Rigs of Rods version 17.07.2019 11_05_58.png Rigs of Rods version 17.07.2019 11_11_27.png

Feel free to comment feedback, Ideas and Tipps to make this mod better.
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Maybe you can add some kind of texture to it like metal winch or rope?