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Terex-Demag AC500 improved

Terex-Demag AC500 improved 1.3

gamer18, mre12ax7
This is a retextured version of gamer18's AC500. All credit goes to him with exception of the textures which were done by me.
The counterweight lift has also been fixed so it does not explode on spawn.
First release
Last update
4.75 star(s) 4 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. fixed mp filenames and some texture improvements.

    Fixed truck filenames for mp. Also changed some textures. Delete old one and reinstall
  2. remove doubles

    should remove the extra file.

Latest reviews

it works great! ive been waiting for a Heavy duty mobile crane for ages
So i was getting this crane hoping that id be able to lift things with it but It seems that when i try to use it It is very slow to extend And one of the controls for it is Alt F4 You know what that does

And i cant seem to rotate it Other then that its great But would be nice if it could be fixed
This was a really great crane in the past; now, it's even better. Thanks for giving this crane a slight aesthetic rebirth!