1. flip889

    some skins for bigboy's orion wh115 bus trailer 1.1

    these are some skins I added to bigboy's orion bus trailer. be sure to choose the "travel coventry" configuration for them to work creds to bigboy for the trailer the bus trailer on the repo is being updated to remove section configs, acquire the updated version to use this skinzip
  2. flip889

    some psd skins for negativeice's toyota 8fd counterbalance forklift 1.2

    some skins I made in photoshop for negativeice's toyota forklift. to install it, place it into the mods folder, just like anything else. creds to negativeice for the forklift
  3. AgentV12

    Outdated Boeing 767 Skin Pack 1.5

    A compilation of all of the 767 skins I could find, along with some of my own. Note: The liveries are broken right now and will not properly work on the newest version of the 767. To do: -Properly credit authors to appropriate skins -Make more skins :)
  4. PenguinvilleRescue1

    Arizona Green Tea for Coronado SD & Volvo VNL 1.2 (22 May 2019)

    These skins require negativeice's Coronado SD/122SD truck pack and VNL semi to work fully. Get the Coronados here and the VNL here. If you're not using version 2020.01 or higher, you will not be able to receive support! Currently a work in progress, but I decided to release it. Expect updates soon!
  5. AgentV12

    Cushman Industrial Truck 1.1

    This file has been uploaded to the repository, but there is more information. From the original repository description: This is the original Cushman HD by Racer159. All I did was slap PoLi's locking system onto the bed of this thing. At some point I may give it mesh wheels, but for now, what...