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Mitsubishi Pajero + GBV Off-Road Caravan

Mitsubishi Pajero + GBV Off-Road Caravan 6/6/2019

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  1. 6/6/2019

    Fixed parser errors Sounds are now mono Added skins Added missing roof rack and videocameras...

Latest reviews

The pack is quite nice, but I have a few suggestions:

-->The car has (or at least it seems like) blinker flares only on the rear. Some on the front would be nice as well.
-->The way the wheel on the drawbar of the caravan trailer is moving a little odd. I would say that a up and down command would be enough, it does not need to be moved forward and backward (or is this a real thing?).
-->The caravan trailer has a set of beams near the axles which are loose, so they remain at spawn and will affect the exterior camera view of the trailer. This is quite a big issue I think, but it should be easy to fix

Expect for that, it's a nice pack as mentioned above. Good job!
Awesome mod, I don't understand how you would remove the traction control on the overland version. A reply would be appreciated.
Overall an amazing piece of work, with excellent detail and functionality. My only complaint is the instability of certain parts of the n/b. Even so, most of the time, this instability doesn't affect the experience too much.