How did you discover Rigs of Rods?

Well, first of all thanks for making this topic, it made me remember lots of good things from the past.
It was in 2012, in the beginning of december I started looking for games on my dad's Aspire 5920G. I found an older 0.37 version of Rigs of rods while I was browsing on a free games website, so I downloaded it. I downloaded a demo of NFSMW too...
When I launched the game, the sky was plain black. All of the surrounding area was illuminated.
I then tried NFS and everything was pretty OK, until the next day my dad got mad... really mad because the laptop got infected by a trojan horse virus. Before resetting the machine I took a copy of RoR and kept it inside a USB stick, but my dad never let me use his PC anymore lol

A couple of years later the laptop was given to me because my dad moved to an iPad, so I looked up for RoR again and I found the official website I re-dow. Only then I understood that Rigs of Rods isn't a game like others. And by the way, I was 11 years old in 2012.
I discovered RoR way back in 2008. I was looking for mods for 18 Wheels of steel: Pedal to the metal and stumbled across it on a website called 3dartpol.
Even that website is gone now...
i discovered ror in 2k15 when i had some bad phone i was watching youtube bcuz that was the almaost only thing i could do on my phone i even didnt had a pc and then about 1yr ago i got pc bad pc but still i goodly remember that i had some pc that couldnt run anything and then i got to the neg ices channel and found that game is called rigs of rods i googled it on my newer pc and found that i can download it and i wasnt sure that it will run tough but it runned i was happiest child that day and till 2k16 almost 2k17 i play it everydaaynd never get bored so basiclly i found this beautifull small piece of art because of NegIce so thanks NegIce xD
i was just searching for some kind of fun free game which will be awesome and then searched in youtube for some cool games for free and got this game
I dont exactly recall it, but I think I started playing in 2011, found it through looking for "driving games", pretty much anything with vehicles, I seen videos of it on youtube and found out it was free and at the time I played on a laptop which suprisingly ran the game pretty well. Ive been playing ever since and still enjoy it.
well i searched up "best car games" and bada bing bada bam I'm hooked on rigs of rods

Video courtesy of DFO. Saw this, Hunted game. so... yeah... around Christmas of 2007 is when I started.
i found out about ror in 2013 from a guy whos channel is deleted now. But i loved RoR for the first person driving
My first version, was 0.34.
0.35, the deformations begin, this looks good! 0.37.126 (great for me) The forum ebullia by those dates. I still have 0.39.5 and 0.47 on the pc. I no longer handle RoR (it was old when I downloaded it ... and now more) Good memories for me Good luck, friends.
I actually played BeamNG before I hda ever heard of this game. I found it on a BeamNG forum, checked it out, and here I am! I play this more than BeamNG, I dunno why tho (prolly because this has multiplayer and Beam doesn't)
It's been 10 years (ROR is among the games I have played the longest), so I think I've forgotten it's been so long. Probably some web search. It's been on every computer, from toaster Dells to PCs with Intel i7s. Amazingly, ROR actually seems to run better as time goes on; versus BeamNG; which I really never got into. As time marches on, its performance gets worse. On this particular laptop (General Dynamics GD8200), BeamNG will no longer work, due to my hardware not supporting the version of DirectX Beam NG now uses.
I was in the first grade in 2011 and I was on Google looking for free car simulators. I found RoR 0.38(?) and I loved it.