How did you discover Rigs of Rods?

I was a big fan of Bus Driver and 18 Wheels of Steel: Haulin' around 2009-2010. However, I wanted a game that was similarly realistic but more customizable and would give me more freedom to roam around the terrains. After a bit of Googling, I found Rigs of Rods and was hooked.
About a month ago (Feb 2021) I saw this YouTube video:
And it mentioned Rigs of Rods. Curious, I searched it up on YouTube some more until in a description of some video claimed it was free and open-source. It was described as 'the BeamNG before BeamNG', but was even made by the same people - which had to be a good sign, considering the curreent game's realism (the fact it was still maintained and was from 2005 was also a saving grace for my 2011 Dell OptiPlex 990, complete with Radeon RX570, and running Windows 7). A massive fan of both videogames and automobiles, I instantly set on amission to download it.
The end.
It all started when I was bored in 7th grade, and being obsessed with mobile car simulators, I began searching for an online one. That's when I found the original dev video. At once I started searching for it, and came across more videos, this time by YBR and Crash Hard, and that was simultaneously the discovery of YouTube and BeamNG. Two years later, after easily clocking 2,000 Beam videos, I came across an old CarTrend article on the best free car simulators. (this was the same one I saw two years ago, but I never thought much of it.) I decided to download it and (after 5 hours of trying to understand the controls and finally reading the docs) absolutely loved it. I spent two months simply playing with the 0.4 content pack, and then decided to download everything in sight, and corrupted the files in the process.
Was this the dev video by any chance:
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I just like BeamNG, and then at one point I came across this game, so I started playing this too ig.
I found it when searching for some alternatives for Beam.NG then i saw Rigs of Rods.
I was so surprised i just downloaded it immediately.
I was searching for a car simulator because all the web ones have the same cars, and I found this. My school pc needed admin perms to download games but this for some reason didn't, so here I am
well i searched free driving games and Rigs of Rods was 1 of them i wasnt sure to download it at first but i have now
One day I woke up. Woke up from a dream I never had before. Sometimes you dream the same, but not now. I dreamed about a man who took me to his computer. He showed me his computer. I saw the man playing RoR. I didn't know it, but was immediately interested in it.
When I woke up, I went to have breakfast. I took, as usual, coffee and a chocolate sprinkles sandwich. I stopped thinking about my dream. I had even forgotten the dream. I got into my car after breakfast and headed to work. I worked all day. At the end of my working day, I drove home.
After returning home I had a hot meal and started up my computer. Suddenly I thought of the dream I had had. The dream in which I was made aware of the existence of RoR. I searched Google for 'RoR' and found the website. There was also the installation link, which I clicked. And that's how I got RoR on my computer. That was over eight years ago. Since then I have been running RoR almost daily. I've installed a lot of mods and really enjoy playing the game, both in single player mode and multi player mode.
They say I have a rich imagination. What do you think?
I wanted BeamNG very badly and I ran into this by searching games like BeamNG I think.
What car is at 4:27 mark?
Was doing some thinking the other day and it come across me that I had discovered RoR from watching a video while searching around youtube when I was younger. That video however cannot be found anymore :( (Dont recall the uploader, but was like 0.37 or previous versions doing a mountain climb in the orange autocar dump truck).. not sure when I finally downloaded the game or even made an account, but im almost certain that sparked my interest now that I think of it.