How did you discover Rigs of Rods?

last year saw the was watching beamng vids then low and be hold saw the off road s-10. considering i owned one in about the same paint scheme. then what did it for me was the websites vid at the time with the same s-10 landind a jump.... my pc at the time wouldnt play it. but made a account lol. upgraded to a new pc and now im addicted to this game (no desire to make a bus video) but was amazed at all the vehicles the repositories had to offer. as a mechanic and a car enthusiast i was in love with the community and the support. thank all for this collaboration of a way better game. my xbox hates my pc now and the misses asked if ill ever play forza horizon 2 again but truth is i love the physics here! what an amazing job everybody
I bought and then remembered by laptop was crappy, so I got RoR which was amazing. Then i forgot about it. And then remembered and now i have 10GB of mods and it is epic.
I discovered when I wanted BeamNG.Drive, but then I found RoR when searching Beamng on youtube. The video was RoR vs Beamng.
I found this game 9 years ago when my brother showed me it, I'm not quite sure how he found it though, but it certainly didn't take me long to get addicted to it. I made an account after that which I did lose when the website had be modernized but I made another account and I'm not really bothered because I love this game
I played when I was younger, pulled the DAF around, then I started playing in 2013, decided to make a truck, which was actually my only creation.
WOW to be honest, i do not really recall how i found rigs of rods, If memory serves i was playing farming simulator 2009, searching for mods. when i stumbled apon the website, and was drawn in immediately, that was in 2010-2012
Literally back in 2012, I saw videos of Rigs of Rods and I was like, hey I want that game. I forgot about ROR for a few years until 2018 when I found out about ROR but it was revamped and so, I started playing ROR.
i saw rigs of rods on channel luksor (polish channel) i thought it was pay to play but i checked it out it wasnt i didnt know how much space it will take but i risked it and then i fell in love with rigs of rods its my fav game now
I saw this video () and downloaded this game when I found out it was free. That was around 2006 or 2007.
I played it for some years, even began modding some basic N/B trucks (Trevor's Peterbilt 359 for example).
Took a pause and came back to it 2 years ago.
Love this game.
like most people on the thread, i got this game mainly because BeamNG is too expensive, and besides beamNG doesnt have a Boeing 777 as good as what RoR has! (to my knowledge ;D)

Pretty much Gabester made me download rigs of rods because of this video

i saw it in i think 2014 since i watched MANY beamng vids back in that year.
I discovered Rigs of Rods from a friend in Discord playing it, looking for some free sims and trying to find something like BeamNG but free.
Well, I was just sniffing around YouTube and came across bus video, I search RigsOfRods.Org and i'm still downloading it.
I found Rigs of Rods while looking for some free, open-source games to play and mess around with, and what a goldmine I've found here! It was the sole vehicle sim on Wikipedia's list of open-source video games, so I tried it out and here I am. (The community still being active was a major factor as well.)
My story is kind of weird. I was watching one of my videos, and scrolled down to find that the game wasn't listed, but was listed as Rigs of Rods. So after I seen this, I searched it up, seen it was free, and got it. Ever since I did get it, I've been hooked. And all this happened just last week (lol).